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GitLab is an online Git repository manager with a wiki, issue tracking, a container registry, CI and CD. It is available either as a self-hosted system or as a service. Release is 11.3 as of September 22, 2018 adds support for Maven repositories, Code Owners, Protected Environments, and epic forecasting,

Status of GitLab

GitLab will build on arm64, though there is no official version that is available. An issue on the issue tracker, [Feature proposal] Gitlab CE omnibus package for arm64, details the efforts that various people have done to make a working build, specifically around porting to newer versions of several libraries.

GitLab Runner is a component of the CI system used to execute jobs on remote systems. An issue on the GitLab Runner issue tracker,  Runner for ARM64 – Docker images for ARM & ARM64, is unmerged patches to provide Docker support for arm64 and 32-bit Arm.


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