It takes a village to build an ecosystem. Welcome to the team!

Packet has partnered up with Arm to help build awareness for (and drive adoption of) Armv8 processors in the data center.  We’re doing this by providing CI/CD infrastructure to a wide variety of software projects, and building community around the architecture.

  • CI/CD Infrastructure

    Our goal in life is to upstream all the things! In order to do that with the diverse Arm ecosystem, we're providing gobs of CI/CD infrastructure.

  • Community Engagement

    Sharing stories and making friends is what this is all about.
    From Raspberry Pi users to cloud native transformations, the best source is our weekly Friday newsletter.

  • Swag

    Nothing says software development like stickers and magnets. Show your support for WOA by requesting some goods for your laptop or fridge via @worksonarm

  • Demos

    A big question outside of "does it work on Arm" is "why should I care?" We work with hackers and innovators to share best practices and setups that you might find compelling.

How Can You Get Involved?

The work to be done with new architectures is deep and wide.  We’re happy to have your help at any point along the journey.

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