OpenStack, Kubernetes, and other popular open source software is commercially supported today on Arm. If you would like more information feel free to explore the OpenStackWorksOnArm repository.




WorksOnArm is an Arm & Packet community project providing CI/CD infrastructure to open source projects from edge to the data center.

"We think we’re now at a point where we can go one hundred percent to ARM. In our analysis, we found that even if Intel gave us the chips for free, it would still make sense to switch to ARM, because the power efficiency is so much better."

Read about how Cloudflare is Betting on ARM Servers as It Expands Its Data Center Network.

Matthew PrinceCloudflare CEO

"From traditional apps like Openstack to cloud native trendsetters like Kubernetes, broad support for Arm across modern software opens up an entirely new and exciting infrastructure ecosystem for users of all stripes and sizes."

Jacob SmithSVP of Engagement, Packet

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Openstack + Terraform

Want to get started quickly? Great! We’ve built a robust Terraform installer guide to help you deploy Openstack on various infrastructure, including Arm!

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