Without CI/CD, Does it Really Work?

The foundation of modern software development relies on building and testing “all the things.”  But how do you do that for an evolving hardware ecosystem as diverse as Armv8?  The answer: WorksOnArm!

With support from Arm and ecosystem partners Cavium, Qualcomm and Huawei we can make available a diverse array of powerful, datacenter grade Armv8 system for software CI/CD.   Take your builds from hours to minutes, and integrate Armv8 into your pipeline.

  • Build and Test

    Build and test your software for Arm systems on Packet’s powerful collection of data center ready Arm hardware. Developers get access to Arm gear to do ports, build proofs of concept, fine-tune performance and do one-off builds.

  • Continuous Integration

    Once your software has matured to the point where it’s ready for continuous integration, contact the Works on Arm project for details on setting up infrastructure that keeps you confident that every build is a good one.


Systems We Have

*Early access or limited systems may require an NDA

Cavium ThunderX

This was the first system commercialized by Packet, and features two Cavium ThunderX processors (48 cores each) for a total of 96 physical cores, paired with 32 – 128 GB of RAM. Works on Arm has access to a large number of these systems, which are perfect of builds and regular testing.

Cavium ThunderX2*

The ThunderX2 offers 2-3x performance improvements over the first generation ThunderX, with up to 54 cores @ 3.0 Ghz. The system is in early sampling, with a scheduled full production run later in 2017. Works On Arm has access to limited early samples, which are available under NDA with Cavium.

Qualcomm Centriq 2400*

The Centriq 2400 is the first datacenter-grade system available from Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, and the world’s first 10nm server processor. It features up to 48 custom Falkor CPU cores and will begin production later in 2017. Works on Arm has access to a limited number of early release systems for use under three-way NDA with QDT.

Huawei Taishan 2280*

The Huawei Taishan 2280 is the only Armv8 server available to Works on Arm that supports both 32 bit and 64 bit applications natively (all other systems are 64-bit only). A limited number of these systems are made available by Packet from their commercial pool.

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