Minio is a distributed object storage server built for cloud applications. It is compatible with Amazon S3 APIs, and is pronounced as [mini-o]. Minio has a minimalist design. It uses erasure code and checksums to protect against drive failure and bitrot, and scales out by using containerized platforms like Docker and Kubernetes.

There is full support for the Minio server on arm64, with binaries provided for download and a Docker configuration available as well. A current release is dated September 25, 2018. The package also has an S3-compatible client known as mc which has arm64 support in the binary releases as well.

The distribution includes the minio/sha256-simd library which accelerates SHA256 computations in pure Go for both Intel (AVX2, AVX, SSE) as well as ARM (arm64) platforms. This optimization resulted in a 30 to 100 fold performance boost on ARM.

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