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    Armbian is a Linux distribution specialized for use with Arm development boards. The distribution focuses on optimizing low-level and kernel settings and and security in general. This leads to efficiency, good performance and high security at the same time. Version 5.61 of Armbian dates from 26 September 2018.

    Armbian uses the Debian “apt” package system and offers systems based on Debian Jessie or Ubuntu Xenial. It has support for both server and desktop versions, and offers accelerated desktop video drivers when available. Hardware supported includes chips from Allwinner, Amlogic, Freescale, and Rockchip, and systems like the Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Odroid, Le Potato, Hummingboard, Tinkerboard, and Rock64.

    The Armbian forums are a good source of user provided information and are well managed. A full set of source code is available from the Armbian repository on Github.


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