Liberica is a 100% open source Java implementation from BellSoft.

Liberica JDK

Minio is commerically supported by Minio, Inc.

Minio Logo

MongoDB is available in a commercially supported Enterprise edition as well as a user-supported Community edition.

MongoDB Logo

Roll up your sleeves and contribute to NixOS on aarch64.


Node-RED is supported by the user community and by the JS Foundation. A version of the codebase is available as a service through IBM’s Bluemix, but there is no direct commercial support of the open source code.


Commercial support for Node.JS is provided by Nodesource.


OpenFaaS is ready for developer help to finish the port of all of the components to arm64.

Open FaaS Logo

OpenJDK has widespread community support on arm64.

Open JDK Logo

OpenSUSE is a SUSE sponsored community initiative to promote the use and development of Linux everywhere.

OpenSuse Logo

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