GitLab has been compiled for arm64, but the port is not yet complete. Please chip in!

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Go 1.9 comes with ARM64 binaries, and a continuous integration system tests every checkin.

Golang on ARM

Commercial support for HAProxy is available from HAProxy Technologies.

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HHVM is ready for developers with an active support community but not yet a stable release for ARM.


Hugo is a fast and flexible static website generator written in Go.

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Julia has first-class support for arm64.

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Kata Containers is a new project as of December 2017 and is open to open source contributors.

Kata Containers

Liberica is a 100% open source Java implementation from BellSoft.

Liberica JDK

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Works on Arm depends on community members to help it identify applications, languages and other projects to add to our database.

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