CentOS is the “Community ENTerprise Operating System”. It is a free rebuild of source packages from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS uses the “yum” package manager.

CentOS on arm64

As of May 10, 2018, CentOS Linux 7.5 (version 1804) is generally available for AArch64/arm64 machines. The release announcement from Rich Bowen to the CentOS-announce mailing list notes the changes from the previous release.

CentOS 7 for aarch64 is an “AltArch” release, managed by the Alternative Architecture Special Interest Group (AltArch SIG) to support architectures that are not supported by the base releases. Supported hardware includes the AMD Mustang, AMD Seattle, Cavium ThunderX, and HiSilicon D05 (Hi1616) systems, with developmental support for Qualcomm and Marvell Armada based hardware.

For Docker, there is an official CentOS 7 base image with arm64 support.

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