WOA Issue 94

WOA Issue 94

Arm announces Cortex-A77 CPU

Arm has announced a new CPU core design, the Cortex-A77. The chip design features about a 20% performance improvement over their A76 design, and is designed for use in big.LITTLE configurations paired with the Cortex-A55. Parts built from this design would use a 7nm process and can be clocked up to 3 Ghz.

MediaTek to use A77 CPU in newest design

MediaTek has announced their plans to use Arm’s new A77 CPU design in a forthcoming SoC, expected to appear in devices in 2020. The new and as of yet unnamed part will target 5G telephony applications, and will incorporate MediaTek’s 5G modem onboard. The single chip design is expected to support extended battery life compared to the off-board modem designs that now predominate in the market.

Debian cross-build quality assurance

Helmut Grohne of the Debian project has added some tooling to help identify and fix Debian software packages that have problems building across platforms. The system reports on builds that fail and provides build logs and links to project home pages and bug trackers.

Snapcraft Live with multi-arch remote build service

This week’s Snapcraft Live brings with it news of a new multi-architecture remote build service currently in preview.

Azure SQL Database Edge

Azure SQL is a new technology from Microsoft that brings a SQL query engine to the edge of the network. Designed to run on arm64 and x86 devices, the product will bring a familiar programming environment to developers on edge devices. Azure SQL Database Edge is currently in private preview.

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