WOA Issue 93

WOA Issue 93

In this issue

  • Astra timelapse
  • Classic games on Jetson Nano
  • Booting Windows 10 on Arm on a Lumia 950
  • Cloudflare working on crypto in Go
  • KVM acceleration on the Jetson Nano
  • rspamd crashes in Lua code

Astra timelapse

Sandia’s Vanguard Advanced Technology Prototype program is tasked with fielding emerging cutting-edge technologies and demonstrating the viability of these technologies in support of the NNSA stockpile stewardship mission. Astra is the first platform in the Vanguard program and, to date, is the largest Arm-based cluster in the world.

Sandia has put together a five minute time lapse video of the building of the Astra cluster. This system has 2,592 compute nodes, each of which has dual-socket Marvell ThunderX2 28-core CPU. Watch a supercomputer get built!

Classic games on Jetson Nano

astr0baby is working on a series of projects to exercise their new Jetson Nano. One piece of this journey is running dhewm3, a port of the Doom 3 game from 2004 to Linux and OpenGL. He provides a short video of a few other classic games running on the system as well.

Booting Windows 10 on Arm on a Lumia 950

The Microsoft Lumia 950 is a 2015-era smart phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 8-core SoC and 3 GB of memory. It’s a favorite device for unofficial ports of Windows 10 on Arm to a portable device. Namdak Tompa shares a series of detailed instructions for how to make this work.

Cloudflare working on crypto in Go

A team from CloudFlare is working a set of cryptographic primitives to be implemented for the Go programming language, targeting x86 and arm64 assembler work. The work to be done includes elliptic curve, hashing, and post-quantum crypto. Nick Sullivan (@grittygrease) is looking for reviewers.

KVM acceleration on the Jetson Nano

The Jetson Nano ships with a 4.9 based Linux kernel, which is missing some of the kernel primitives necessary for accelerated kernel virtual machines with KVM. If you are interested in virtualization on this device there is some as of yet incompletely understood combination of kernel features and QEMU versions necessary to pull this off.

rspamd crashes in Lua code

A crash has been reported in the rspamd open source spam filtering system on arm64. Work is underway to address it, with the initial diagnosis pointing to issues related to using LuaJIT.

A very long standing issue with LuaJIT is an incompatible data type between x86 systems (which use 47 bit pointers) and arm64 system (which use 48 bit pointers). The most notable code pattern that triggers this is the use of the “lightuserdata” feature. If you are porting code to arm64 and you run into Lua problems, this is a familiar pattern to work around.

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