WOA Issue 53

WOA Issue 53

An abbreviated edition of Works on Arm News, coming to you from after Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.

In the news

  • Cavium announces ThunderX2; up to 256 arm64 threads
  • CentOS 7.5 released at Red Hat Summit
  • 64-bit Arm applications for Windows 10 on Arm
  • Newport GW6400/GW6404 Arm SBC

Cavium announces ThunderX2; up to 256 arm64 threads

Cavium has announced that their ThunderX2 chip is now generally available in a range of SKUs that provide systems makers with up to 256 hardware threads. List prices run from $800 to $1,795, with the top end offering 32 cores at 2.5 Ghz and available in a dual-socket configuration.

The launch saw support from HPE, Cray, and Atos, with lead HPC users including Sandia National Labs and the Isambard project in the UK.

ThunderX2 is a new chip, not derived from the older ThunderX that has been available for the last two years. It’s based on the “Vulcan” chips originally developed by Broadcom.

CentOS 7.5 released at Red Hat Summit

At Red Hat Summit, CentOS 7.5 was released for all supported platforms including arm64. CentOS 7.5.1804 is a rebuild of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 release on April 4th, 2018.

64-bit Arm applications for Windows 10 on Arm

At the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft signaled availability of a 64-bit Arm environment for Windows 10, allowing developers to build native applications on those Qualcomm Snapdragon powered machines.

Developers interested in targeting this new ARM-based platform can use these early preview tools to build apps that run natively on ARM processors rather than relying on the emulation layer. While the algorithms that make emulation possible are engineered to optimize performance, running your app natively allows your customers to get the most performance and capability from your app on this new category of devices.

Newport GW6400/GW6404 Arm SBC

Gateworks has information on a new Cavium Octeon TX based arm64 single-board computer aimed at network applications, which supports up to 5 gigabit ethernet ports, 2 SFP fiber ports, and 4 MPCIe sockets. CNXSOFT has a good writeup and review of the system specs.

System memory can be customized up to 4GB RAM, and internal storage up to 64GB eMMC flash. The company provides both OpenWrt and Ubuntu BSPs for the boards, as well as u-boot source code, and Gateworks System Controller MCU firmware code that handle RTC, voltage & temperature monitor, fan speed control, and so on. You’ll find documentation in the dedicated Wiki.

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