It’s Works on Arm News for the 50th week of 2017. Snow in Austin TX for Kubecon and snow in Ann Arbor MI for editing this issue. Subscription details and a weekly calendar at the bottom of this message.

Can bugs be useful? Some famous bugs. (John Gall)

The very word “Bug” suggests something worthless if not actually repulsive, something suitable only to be eliminated. Yet every Bug, no matter how humble, gives us at least one important piece of information; namely, it tells us one more way our System can fail. Since success is largely a matter of Avoiding the Most Likely Ways to Fail, and since every Bug advances us significantly along that path, we may hearken back to the advice given in the preface and urge the following Policy: CHERISH YOUR BUGS. STUDY THEM.

John Gall, The Systems Bible, 3d Edition (“Systemantics”), first published 1975 and available from General Systemantics Press, Walker, Minnesota.

Packet holiday party in New York (RSVP)

The Packet 2017 NYC Tech Holiday Party is in New York City at Children’s Museum of Arts in the South Village on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 starting at 7:00 p.m. Please RSVP if you can make it! Sponsored by Packet, NS1, Huawei, and DH Capital.

Kubecon news (Dan Kohn, CNCF)

4000 people are at the CNCF Kubernetes conference, Kubecon, in Austin TX with a rare December snowstorm. Among the most controversial items that have come to my attention there is how to pronounce kubectl. Lots of demos and lots of news of 1.0 releases; when I get a summary next week I’ll fill in Arm news specifically.

The keynote addresses have been live streamed, and the plan according to CNCF executive director Dan Kohn is to have video of all of the breakout sessions edited and online for viewing within three weeks.

Qualcomm demo at Kubecon (Elsie Wahlig, Qualcomm via Jock Reed)

Packet and Qualcomm have a demo running at Kubecon using Alexa and OpenFaaS. The technology stack includes Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Docker and Docker Swarm, and OpenFaaS serving up slides and executing functions based on voice commands – all running on a 64-bit Armv8 Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor hosted at Packet. The video linked to below shows Elsie Wahlig of Qualcomm demoing the system.

OpenFaaS featured at Kubecon (Alex Ellis, OpenFaaS Ltd)

Alex Ellis’s OpenFaaS project is well represented at Kubecon, with its “colorisebot” featured. See Alex at the event for stickers and magnets and other clever swag.

InfoSiftr demo: multiarch containers at Kubecon (Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr)

“This demo showcases the power of Docker’s multi-architecture support,” says Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr’s SVP of Operations. “Assuming you’ve built your images correctly, and set up your Dockerfile correctly, Docker’s multi-architecture support allows you to run your image the same way on any architecture.”

Oracle Linux for arm64 (Avi Miller, Oracle)

Oracle Linux for arm64 is a straight up port of RHEL, using the yum package manager. There is a port of the epelpackage library as well.

Oracle Linux 7 update 3 is the first public release of Oracle Linux on the ARM platform and is made available as a developer release for the benefit of developers and partners. Oracle does not offer support for Oracle Linux 7 Update 3 (ARM).

FreeBSD ports. 22747 of 27655 packages work on arm64. (Ed Maste, FreeBSD Foundation)

On the Works on Arm weekly call, Ed Maste (FreeBSD Foundation) and your reporter discussed the progress of FreeBSD’s ports collection on arm64. 22747 of the 27655 packages build on arm64, and efforts are underway to identify common dependencies of the remaining packages to figure out how to get closer to a perfect score for the forthcoming FreeBSD 12 release.

One of the packages that doesn’t build in the current build environment is LLVM 5.0 – not because it doesn’t work, but because the build times out.

Adopt OpenJDK project plus FreeBSD Foundation (George Adams, IBM and Ed Maste, FreeBSD Foundation)

George Adams (IBM UK and Adopt OpenJDK) and Ed Maste (FreeBSD Foundation) have been discussing ways to bring a release of OpenJDK to the FreeBSD operating system through the Adopt OpenJDK process.

Ceph charms for Juju for Ubuntu (via Jeff Underhill, Arm)

The 17.11 OpenStack Charm release bundles for Ceph and OpenStack are now available from Canonical for Ubuntu Linux. These have been tested and validated on Arm. This is a great milestone for Arm as all major blockers inhibiting a market ready deployment of OpenStack and Ceph on Arm are now addressed!

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