WorksOnArm is a collaboration between Packet and Arm that encourages adoption of the Arm architecture in the datacenter.

As an ecosystem enablement project, we are always happy to hear from members of the software and hardware community! Please take a moment to reach out if you have a question, request, or feedback. For regular updates please feel free to follow us on Twitter as well!

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Special thanks to Kevin Ryan, Philippe Robin, Kushal Koowal and Gina Longoria at Arm for their support!

Ed Vielmetti

Senior Ecosystem Engineer

Ed is an Internet veteran with over 30 years of experience.

He has extensive experience with networks at all levels — physical, logical, technical, social, political, and financial. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and an alumnus of Cisco Systems and Arbor Networks.

At Equinix, Ed leads outreach to a wide variety of software ecosystems, from open source to the Enterprise. His main project is WorksOnARM, which helps to bring cloud native and data center software to ARMv8 servers.

When he’s not opening issues on GitHub, Ed can be found on the amateur radio bands as W8EMV, tinkering with a pile of Raspberry Pis.

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